Not just another pop-up: Hermes launch The Silk Bar

By on Sunday, October 6, 2013

Despite my inate scepticism of pop-up bars and shops (mostly because I think they’ve been overused in recent years), I can’t help but feel that Hermes have got it right with their pop-up shop called ‘The Silk Bar’.

I’m making the exception to my general view because this isn’t just a pop-up shop created for pop-up’s sake-it’s accompanying a wider campaign.

‘The Silk Bar’ in NYC follows hot on the heels of the Hermes ‘Silk Knots’ app launch which teaches how to wear silk scarves properly, from how to tie them to the perfect silk scarf accompanied ensemble.


With the air of a high-scale Gentleman’s Club, the bar features a ‘menu’ of ‘Daily Silk Specials’ which will highlight the full range throughout the store’s run.

That’s the ground floor. On the first floor the shop turns interactive, allowing visitors to play games including croquet, mini-golf and hopscotch, making it a store that customers will most definitey return to with their friends in tow.

In essence, this is a fantastically integrated campaign which links social with experiential and positions Hermes as THE voice around silk scarves and luxury fashion in general.


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