Jay Z surprises fans by catching the Tube to his concert

By on Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The simplest stunts are often the best, and a celebrity mingling with the common people on public transport always proves a PR winner.

Last week Jay Z took the Tube to his own concert, much to the delight of fans on the Jubilee line to the O2 Arena.

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The high profile star, who is generally more partial to private helicopters, was accompanied by Chris Martin, producer Timbaland, manager Ty Ty and Atlanta Records executive Michael Kyser.

A simple stunt which garnered much quality coverage for his Magna Carter Holy Grail tour, Jay Z isn’t the first celeb to cause excitement by riding the Tube – Rihanna also travelled to her concert at the O2 back in June, and Harry Styles was photographed taking the Northern Line to Elton John’s iTunes gig in September.

The story was covered by the Mirror, BBC News, The Telegraph, Metro and New York Daily News among others.

Picture credit: Metro/Twitter

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