Polar Beer creates the Cell Phone Nullifier, blocking mobile signals at bars and pubs

By on Monday, September 16, 2013

Ever been in that situation where everyone on the table is on their mobile phones?

Well, Brazilian beer maker Polar is on a mission to stop this unsociable habit we’ve all been guilty of. They created a beer cooler that does 2 jobs. 1) it cools your beer (duh!) and 2) it blocks all 3G and 4G mobile signals within a 1.5 metre range of it.

There has been some really creative attempts by brands before, but I like this one much more, due to how they’re using technology to actually put up an invisible signal wall.


Old examples

The Offline Glass – with a base cut out, it leaves people with no choice but to place their phone under it when putting the glass down on the table.

Blokket – this was a phone pouch made by a New York design agency that blocked signal from the phone inside, thus forcing users to switch off and disconnect from their digital distraction.


Creative agency: PAIM


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