KitKat: Take a Break – get a Nexus 7

By on Friday, September 20, 2013

What would you do to get your hands on the latest bit of tech?

Would you sit on a billboard, in the rain, with people hurrying by, shooting you the odd concerned look?

In KitKat’s latest bit of marketing to promote its namesake (the new Android OS KitKat), it gave the people of Amsterdam and Utrecht a chance to win themselves a free Nexus 7 tablet, just for sitting in the middle of a KitKat advert at the specified time and date.

KitKat worked with advertising agency JWT Amsterdam to create the ‘Have a Seat’ campaign, which saw ads with built in seats planted across Amsterdam and Utrecht. Crowds of onlookers watched and cheered as the lucky participants were hand delivered their free Nexus 7.

At one point I got offered €190, – in exchange for leaving my spot, but I refused. I saw it as a personal challenge to take a break from 3AM to 2:07PM!
— Karim, winner in Amsterdam

Somehow, I don’t think people would have found it so easy to keep their seat, had KitKat tried the same campaign in London.

Source: JWT Amsterdam

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