Guy’s house plumbed with beer in ‘prank’ by friends

By on Tuesday, September 17, 2013

In this brand set-up video by New Zealand-based Tui beer, a group of guys plumb their friend’s house with beer:

It’s quite clearly not as much of a laddy prank as the video would have you believe, but still good fun and no doubt appeals to potential customers who would love this to be true of their house.

tui beer house prank plumbed

IN FACT, why don’t Tui run a competition to find their biggest fan, or you know, something, and for one evening, plumb that person’s house with beer to have the ultimate houseparty? Portable toilet and shower outside, jobs a good ‘un.

You’re welcome Tui, I should work in PR.

Cheers to Freud’s David Brady for emailing with this.

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