Can a hamster drive a 15-tonne truck around a dangerous quarry? Well, Volvo wanted to find out

By on Monday, September 16, 2013

Volvo Trucks sought to answer the age-old question – can a hamster drive a 15-tonne truck?

volvo truck hamster steering quarry

To highlight the new Volvo FMX and the simplicity of its steering system (that it’s so easy to handle you can steer it with your fingertips, according to the YouTube description), little Charlie the Hamster was put into a cage screwed into the steering wheel and tempted to run in the direction the truck needed to be steered in by a carrot. Did the stunt, filmed at the Los Tres Cunados quarry in northwestern Spain, succeed?

Well you’ll have to watch this video to find out:


(TL:DW – yes. Of course a hamster can steer a MASSIVE truck for the purposes of PR, as if you ever doubted it).

Thanks to Harris Public Relations MD Sonia Harris for tweeting with this!

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