Tadaa! Like Instagram, but in 3D

By on Saturday, August 24, 2013

First came green and red specs, then Smurf-ahontas/Dances with Wolves mash-up Avatar and a desire to print plastics followed, but now comes the dawn of ‘Tadaa’ – giving the general public the ability to convert any photo into 3D images online.

Launching this week and already receiving quite a bit of buzz among the global Twitterati, Tadaa 3D is very much the technologically proficient cousin of Instagram – offering users a number of filters through which to shoot and easy sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler.


Working somewhere between the photo and video sharing services already available (in a similar way to Cinemagram), users ‘mask’ the area they want to add a touch of 3D magic, fiddle with the filters and then boom – a tilt of the screen here and a twist of the phone there, you can view your object from ‘different angles’ (or so it would seem).

In truth, the 3D is more of an unsubtle tremble across a hazy backdrop occurring as part of an animation when viewed from computers that demand a plug. That said, a bit of skill, practice and almost OCD style patience (as is always the case with these things) will no doubt result in a far more refined results.


Although it’ll never live up to the celluloid gold silver bronze of James Cameron, PR’s and creative agencies across the land are undoubtedly already looking at how to harness 3D social networking alongside the relative infancy of things like Vine. Regardless, no doubt Mr Zuckerberg is already waiting in the wings, cheque book and pen at the ready as he further monopolises the social frontier.

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