‘Not so sweet’ Dubai marriage proposal fail

By on Wednesday, August 28, 2013

‘Not so Sweet’ Dubai Marriage Proposal Fail

Congratulations Cadbury! Marriage proposal fail in Dubai mall draws attention to Bournville ‘Not so Sweet’ campaign.

Congratulations to Cadbury this week for keeping us entertained in Dubai. Earlier this week a video went viral showing a very public marriage proposal in a popular Dubai Mall go horribly wrong. Before he had a chance to finish “will you marry me” the lovely lassie had whipped the ukulele from the hands of the Mariachi and clocked him over the head with it. Awkward.

What was eventually revealed as a clever (and successful) PR stunt has hit the airwaves again, with Twitter followers keen to ‘set the record straight’. According to TweetReach the hashtag #notsosweet has hit over 30,000 Twitter users in the last three days alone. So a double-win for Cadbury. There’s also a few ‘Usual Suspects’ tweets knocking around from those who saw the Bournville Train disrupt the proceedings and are keen to share that ‘they figured it out’ first.


The PR stunt by Cadbury was to launch their ‘Not so Sweet’ campaign for their dark chocolate favourite, Bournville. Fans have also been encouraged to share their ‘not so sweet’ videos on Twitter.

Thank you Cadbury for a rather uncomfortable and entertaining start to the week.

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