Messi strapped with hundreds of LEDs to ‘light up the pitch’ in new adidas promo

By on Tuesday, August 6, 2013

So, this is pretty bloody cool.

Strapped with a few hundred LED lights, Lionel Messi shows his skills off in the dark in this video to promote the new adidas F50 football boots. Eagle-eyed readers (well – readers with eyes) will remember the recent campaign giving members of the public the chance to win a pair of trainers provided they can jump 10 ft in the air to retrieve them, showing that the sportswear brand is on a bit of a roll at the minute.

Here’s Messi doing his thing – the tagline ‘light up the pitch’ (presumably with the F50s) is typically flimsy, but does the trick:

Leo Messi light video adidas f50 boots

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