Henry Holland Transforms An Ice Cream Van to a Pop-Up Store

By on Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Famous fashion designer Henry Holland has taken to the streets in Mr Quiffy, his own customised ice cream van named after his iconic hairstyle.

Go up to his window and as for a 99 with a flake however, and you’ll get laughed at harder than if you were to wear cuffed jeans in this day and age (they’re so out).

The ice cream van has been transformed into a shop which will tour London and Manchester throughout London Fashion Week: 13th – 17th Sept. You can follow the Twitter account to find out where it is around Laaandon town throughout August and hunt it down in your lunch hour to get an exclusive item.




The van will be selling a collection of clothing, accessories and iPhone covers from his House of Holland label.




It’s a great mobile billboard for the brand, and I’m sure it will make heads turn (I just hope this doesn’t increase whiplash cases!).


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