The UNICEF Sweat Machine

By on Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Would you drink your own sweat?

Sitting here, sweltering in London I can safely say that, personally, I’d pass. But, there are places in the world where people have no, or limited access to, clean drinking water and London isn’t one of them.

UNICEF and youth sports organisation, Gothia Cup, have teamed up with Stockholm based PR agency Deportivo to raise awareness about the issue by challenging attendees at Gothia Cup events to drink a glass of purified water, produced from their own sweaty clothes.

The machine, developed by Engineer Andreas Hammar is reported to produce water cleaner than the tap water on offer in Sweden. While it may not be the most attractive sounding campaign out there, it’s a great way of highlighting the importance of water purification technology as a solution to a life threatening situation faced by millions of people daily.


Source: Design Taxi and My News Desk

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