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By on Tuesday, July 30, 2013

With approximately 900 posts on PRexamples.com since launching in January 2012, there is an incredible bank of inspirational and cool marketing campaigns and stunts from a huge range of contributors from all over the world. I’m pretty proud of it.

Inspired by this flipbook guide by former client notgoingtouni.co.uk and with the recent words of Stephen Waddington ringing in my ears that it’d be a shame for all this site’s content to go to waste, I want to create a free online e-book for those in marketing and PR. You know, one of those ones that makes the page turning sound that is brilliant for a couple of pages but then makes you want to jump into a bath with your laptop.

‘100 PR Examples to Inspire and Entertain’ is the working title. In it, I’d feature the top campaigns published on PRexamples.com, searchable by sector, and intersperse it with interviews with people at the top of their game in PR/marketing, who can discuss exactly what makes a good idea great.

I asked on Twitter if people would prefer ads or to pay a small fee to access the e-book and it was near-unanimous – ads it is.

Whilst I get everything in place to make this happen, I’d like to hear from companies that want to be featured in the e-book, so we can discuss how many millions you’re going to pay me. My one (important) stipulation is that your service is relevant to PR and marketing students and/or professionals. Of course, there’ll be limited space for ad inclusion and the best slots will go quickly, so get in touch soon to guarantee placement.

If you work for or run a company that’d like to promote its services (flip books include outbound links) to a sizeable audience of marketing types all over the world, please contact me by emailing [email protected] or tweeting me @RichLeighPR.

At the end of last year I posted this review of the top 20 PR and marketing stunts of 2012. To date, the post has had more than 30,000 unique hits and, if done properly, I imagine (hope) the e-book would prove more popular. If in doubt, I’ll just put loads of cats in it or something. People love internet cats.

To everybody else, I’ll be updating shortly – if you have any ideas or feedback, I’m all ears, please do give me a shout using the email address/Twitter profile a couple of paragraphs above.

In terms of timeframe, I’d like to get this live in September, giving me at least a clear month to put it together.

Cheers all.

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