Yo! – look out for flying trays! Sushi chain launches iPad controlled 25mph food delivery tray

By on Monday, June 10, 2013

If you watch the video below, note YO! Sushi CEO Robin Rowland says the following idea aimed to get across how “light, exciting and fun” YO! Sushi’s latest dish is. This, then, is a lesson in how even the toughest, most abstract messages can make it into coverage should you find the right idea.

I mean, how do you make a burger ‘fun and exciting’? You make it fly.

Yo! sushi itray

To promote the launch of YO!  Sushi’s latest culinary delight, the YO! Burger, the team has launched what it’s calling the world’s first flying tray – the iTray. It’s a remote controlled, via iPad, tray that includes two cameras to allow the waiter-come-pilot to see the tray’s progress to the table. It’s also worryingly capable of flying up to 25mph – presumably for those super-busy city types who need their lunch before breakfast.

The iTray is being tried out at YO! Sushi’s flagship store in London’s Soho, and if it proves popular will roll out to more stores. It’s already gathered some good media attending, including Sky News, The Daily Star, The Mail, The Guardian and The Metro.

Check the video below.

Image credit: Metro

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