Scrabble gave public free Wi-Fi, but only if they could spell. Higher word score = more time online

By on Friday, June 14, 2013

Using Smartphones is making us less smart, according to a campaign to promote Mattel’s Scrabble, the game in which you score points by creating words from individual lettered tiles.

So, to encourage people to utilise the lost art of spelling, Scrabble placed free Wi-Fi hotspots in places where you can’t usually get an internet connection. Members of the public could access it – provided they could make a (pass)word out of the seven letter tiles they were given. Every point scored meant one minute of Wi-Fi access, meaning the higher their score, the longer their connection – and words shared on Facebook doubled that person’s allocated allowance.

Scrabble wi-fi ogilvy 1

In 2 weeks, more than 6,000 words were played and more than 110,000 minutes of free Wi-Fi were given away.

Watch the campaign video here:

Involved agency: Ogilvy Paris

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