Is this what they meant by ‘Bootylicious’? – Wellington boots with bluetooth speaker launched for this year’s festival season

By on Friday, June 14, 2013

What happens when product development gets melded with a little PR and one of those ‘good gosh why didn’t we think of this before, I could have saved my phone from a muddy death at Reading last year’ ideas? You get music playing wellies.

Bloom boots 1

Taking advance of the relatively new festival fashion craze of designer wellies, music service has jazzed up your average boots with a battery powered bluetooth speaker. So while you’re tracking the long paths between stages, or just ‘kicking-it’ (haha) in the campsite, your music is never far away.

Bloom boots 3

See, look how happy this girl is in her Bloom Boots.

The bluetooth speaker is designed to connect to your smartphone, and the music therein. You phone also gets its own waterproof pocket on the inside of the other welly. There’s an additional pockets for all your other festival essentials, which according to the video below seems to be a toothbrush and miniature rubber duck.

Bloom boots 2

And of course it’s a good chance for to plug their iOS app, which offers free and subscription music streaming of some 18 million tracks. The boots will be available on Firebox for £60 – launched just a little too late for this year’s Isle of Wight festival, but still on time for the seasonal festival coverage.

The boots are not the first festival phone fashion news this week. Earlier this week Vodafone and the University of Southampton teamed up to create a pair of denim shorts that’ll recharge your phone when enjoying this summer’s mud-entrusted music. You can check that out on PR Examples here, and see’s boots video below.

Image credit: MailOnline

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