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By on Thursday, June 27, 2013

Facebook – the social media juggernaut – has amassed almost 1 billion active members. In November 2007, Facebook introduced Facebook Pages – a way for business, organizations and brands/artists to easily establish a brand presence on Facebook and build an audience of fans. This evolved in February 2009 with Facebook Likes – since then a ‘Facebook like’ has become valuable social currency on the Internet for brands.

Facebook Like

Facebook Like

While creating a Facebook page takes minutes, building and creating a community takes time, effort, compelling content and maintenance by community managers. When a “like” milestone is reached – 100, 1000 or 1 million – it is important that community managers celebrate this and say “Thank You” – to show authenticity, appreciation and be thankful for the engagement and support your fans have shown so far.

This article showcases 3 great examples of brands celebrating those milestones.

1) Cadbury – Milestone: 1 Million Likes

Cadbury developed a giant sculpture in celebration of reaching 1 million fans on its Facebook Page. The chocolate construction resembled a giant Facebook-style ‘like thumbs up’ and was on display for 2 days. The campaign also invited fans and consumers to add their own piece of chocolate to the growing mass of the chocolate ‘like’ sculpture.

2) Porshe – Milestone: 1 Million Likes

In commemoration of Porsche reaching 1 million fans on it’s Facebook page, the German sports car brand decided to celebrate the occasion by thanking its fans – each and every one of them. By offering fans to have their names on a Porsche hybrid race car designed in Facebook colours. This car is now on display at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany.

3) easyJet – 50,000 Likes

Low-fare airline easyJet reached 50,000 likes on it’s Facebook page in March 2012. To celebrate this milestone, easyJet surprised it’s 50,000th ‘liker’ with an amazing prize – 50,000 kilometres worth of easyJet flights to anywhere in the network of flights for the lucky winner and a friend for a year!



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