TAC’s social media road trip

By on Thursday, May 16, 2013

It’s time for another innovative safety campaign from Australia. The Transport Accident Commission of Victoria worked with media agency, SCA, to develop an interactive Facebook campaign highlighting the dangers faced on the road.

Roadtrip Forever encourages Facebook users to go on a virtual roadtrip to a music festival, bringing their best friend on Facebook along for the ride. SCA tailored the campaign to fit the user, incorporating fake Facebook messages from friends and using Facebook chats to make the experience more targeted to the player.

The three-minute road trip is different for men and women (men get a speeding storyline , while the women’s version focuses on using a mobile while d

riving), but the conclusion is equally grim for everyone, one of them doesn’t make it. Cue personal pictures of the best friend, fake memorial messages and a great big RIP note on the best friend’s fake Facebook page.

Subtle? Perhaps not, but the road safety campaign has seen some impressive results. More than 90 per cent of users shared it on Facebook, and the site has had more than 74,000 visits in the first month. Users spend an average of four minutes on the site, with new users being attracted via social media, word-of-mouth and free celebrity endorsements.

It may be a touch morbid, but it seems to be working.

Sources: campaignbrief.com and adweek.com


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