World’s first interactive storm machine installed in impressive whisky PR stunt

By on Friday, April 26, 2013

Now, this is one smart idea. I think all the cool kids would call it ‘experiential’.

To launch Talisker Storm, a new whisky from the Talisker distillery on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, the world’s first interactive storm was created, with Story PR enlisting the help of legendary weatherman Michael Fish to test it.

talisker storm telegraph front page

The 25ft storm installation could be controlled by a lever, allowing the 200+ participants to change the intensity of the rain, wind, lightning, thunder and fog. The project was installed on the Southbank side of The Design Museum, London on Wednesday 24th and designed to mimic the furious weather of the Isle of Sky.

michael fish talisker storm pr stunt

To see the effects of the stunt – which made the front page of The Telegraph as you can see in the image above alongside other big hits, watch this video:

Involved agencies: Story PR and Vivid Design Works

Photo credit: Blueprint Cafe on Twitter

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