Hovercraft golf cart created for Bubba Watson in popular Oakley video PR stunt

By on Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sunglasses brand Oakley has partnered with golf pro Bubba Watson on a new product – a hovercraft golf cart.

Earlier this month, ‘viral marketing’ agency Thinkmodo (inverted commas necessary because that presumes an awful lot) released the above PR stunt video. The agency is also behind the flying people stunt you may remember from last year.

Oakley contacted the agency to create a video campaign highlighting its sponsorship of 2012 Masters Champ Watson. Despite the fact it has all the hallmarks of being fake, the hovercraft is allegedly real, having teamed up with Indiana-based hovercraft manufacturer Neoteric Hovercraft Inc to create the cart,  shooting the video in Arizona in January.

bubbas hover pr stunt masters golf

The release of the video, which has had just shy of 7m views, was planned to go out just before The Masters Golf Tournament starting in a couple of days (April 11).

With regards to results, according to Thinkmodo partner/creative director Michael Krivicka, within 3 days Bubba Watson gained 100,000 new Twitter followers, but importantly, web traffic

of Oakley’s main site is up 40% and ‘sales have spiked’.

Source: Ad Age

Involved agency: Thinkmodo

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