Happy Egg Co’s live chick hatching stream makes great use of Google Hangouts

By on Tuesday, March 26, 2013

UPDATE (28/03/13) – chicks started hatching on day 2 – video here – and although the live stream ends today, the most up to date live video shows the newborn chicks running around:

The original blog before the update:

The Happy Egg Co is currently running an Easter-friendly live chick hatching experience, streamed online using Google+ Hangouts and YouTube. Having pitched a few live campaign ideas but never seen any come to fruition, I’m a fan of the concept of using Hangouts/Hangouts On Air – I think it’s a really underused PR tool.

chick cam google+ happy egg co

From the 25th (yesterday) to Thursday 28th, the company is filming and streaming the incubation and hatching of 17 eggs, ‘from the first cracks of the shell into gorgeous fluffy chicks’.

The ‘Chick-Cam Live’ page features a live stream of the video, updated every 3.5 hours (the maximum length of time you can stream live for) with a new feed. As such, the stream below will end at 10.30am, but I though it’d be worth embedding it:

It’s hardly the most exciting live-stream at the minute, but it’s a nice, relevant way to promote the brand and, as Laura Crossman (the person that kindly tweeted me with it) pointed out, it’s strangely addictive. I’m sure it’ll be well shared as soon as the eggs start hatching.

Members of the public have today been asked to suggest names for the 17 eggs, by posting on the company’s Facebook page, tweeting them @thehappyeggco including #chickcam or posting on its Google+ Page.

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