Crimestoppers ‘sniff out crime’ with scratch and sniff cannabis cards

By on Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Crimestoppers released scratch and sniff cards

Apparently cannabis farms are on the rise in the UK so Crimestoppers decided to shine a light on the issue with clever scratch and sniff cards.

The cards carry a similar odour to the drug in its growing state and will be distributed with the help of the police. The cards will be shared in target areas across the UK to ensure people can recognise signs of cannabis farms that might be operating in their neighbourhood, including learning the distinctive smell the cannabis plants give off.

The stunt is already racking up some great national coverage, tons of tweets and plenty of online chat about the idea making this a job well done for Crimestoppers, but not anyone who thinks they can get a high from the cards – it lacks cannabis’s key ingredient, THC!

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