Which was the most successful job site PR piggyback related to the Pope’s resignation?

By on Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The second the fact the Pope’s resignation hit the news, you could practically hear the whirring of the combined PR industry as we all rushed to think of ways to piggyback.

The most obvious angle, given examples we’ve seen in the past such as this one where Guru Careers advertised on Reed for the next England manager, was for a job site to post an ad to replace Pope Benedict XVI. It was just a matter of who got there first – after which you’d have thought one would be enough, we’d all laugh and share it, they’d get a spike in traffic and a few links and that would be the end of it.

But no.

What followed were four relatively similar efforts – there may well be more, but I haven’t seen them. Throughout this post, I’ve used Topsy.com (brilliant, by the way), to look at how many times each URL was tweeted. It’s not a great measure of success, but it’s a way to benchmark each against the others.

Cardiff-based recruiter Dimmicks, via Reed, was quick off the mark with this job ad. The URL had been tweeted 91 times at the time of writing:

Then, Jobsite.co.uk posted this effort. It’s been tweeted 200 times, making it the most popular effort on Twitter.

Jobbounties posted this one in the words of God (the correct Catholic one – not one of the other thousands of other deities). Tweeted 84 times.

And Jobbridge posted this one. I can’t find it on the site now, so I can’t see how many times it was shared on Twitter, but the source I found it on had been tweeted 31 times.

Hardly a scientific analysis, but I thought it would be interesting to collate them all in one place!

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