Friends Reunited produce fragrance to bottle the smell of the past

By on Friday, February 8, 2013

Website Friends Reunited have come up with a novel way to get attention – they’re producing a series of fragrances to bottle the memories of three popular decades in British culture.

The ‘Scents of a Decade’ collection includes ‘Take Spice, representing the ’90s, ‘Vice’ for the ’80s and ‘Night Fever’ to invoke the ’70s.

The collection does not contain your normal sweet smelling aromas however: the ’90s version is a baffling mix of Hasselhoff’s red shorts with the ‘fragrant and heady spices’ of The Spice Girls, whilst the ’70s concotion includes ‘genuine glitter flakes’ to represent the disco era –  along with the changing-room musk of Muhammad Ali and menthol from Liverpool’s European Cup wins.

Matt Bushby, of Friends Reunited, said, ‘They all got a really positive reaction, so we’re now considering putting the fragrances into full production.’

I smell a winning stunt.

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