David Beckham Runs Across LA in His Pants for H&M

By on Wednesday, February 6, 2013

David Beckham for H&M

The women of the world woke up to a great sight this morning. Not only pictures of David Beckham in his pants, as we’ve become so used to, but a full 100 second video of him running through the streets in his tight underwear.

H&M’s PR team have been dripping feeding this ad for a while now. Remember when a group of tourists got lucky on tour of celebrity homes and just happened to stumble across David on said shoot. And just a few weeks back behind the scenes photos of Becks and Guy Ritchie were ‘leaked’ to the press.

Before 9.30am this video had already done the rounds in the office and was all over my social media feeds. Becks in his pants is what women want and what men want to be like. I’m sure H&M will continue to get more and more PR hits from that iconic bulge.


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