Live Young and swing for snow.

By on Monday, January 7, 2013

Water brand Evian is bringing the playground to London – adult size.

Starting with a swing set in Canary Wharf and adding a see-saw in Finsbury Avenue Square on Wednesday, Evian is aiming to bring out the inner child inside of us all, and reward us for our cheerful behaviour with snow!

The stunt, created by Havas, will pump out more snow depending on how playful your behaviour is.
A great idea, taking city workers, tourists and basically adults in general back to their childhood and allowing them to forget about everything for a few minutes and play stress free like when they were children.
Laura Pope, Evian’s brand manager, said:
“Anyone at any age can Live young – it is a state of mind and an attitude to life. Evian’s giant playground installations are the perfect way to help stressed workers get in touch with their ‘Live Young’ spirit by letting go and having fun. For those who won’t be able to make it to the playground, our Facebook Live young hub will share a different way to Live young each day throughout January, as well as a fantastic competition to win a Live young Northern Lights igloo experience in Lapland.”
So don’t be alarmed if you’re walking past these areas and hear people screaming “faster!”… they’re just having harmless fun.

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