Chicken Cheques all round!

By on Saturday, January 5, 2013

This popped up on my Facebook timeline and made me wonder… it just goes to show Nando’s will quite happily give away chicken for the publicity. Something so simple and so priceless can get a message out so far via brand lovers on social media – I mean this picture’s already racked up 23 likes and 30 comments, with others sharing their Nando’s stories!

This little stunt by Nandos’ PR team delighted the receiver’s who had been campaigning for some Nando’s Black Cards across social media channels due to them spending so much in there every week. Even though they didn’t get the unlimited card, they did get a handful of free food and drink, with some encouragement to carry on spreading the love.

On the subject of the Nando’s Black Card (which I thought was an urban legend)… It just takes a few celebrities to mention the words “Nando’s Chicken” on twitter/the radio while millions of us read/listen, and our mouths begin to water!

Should more brands reward brand advocacy, and is a Nandos Black Card confirmation that you are super-cool, super-famous and super-marketable?!

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