Oddbins offer discounts to mums, bankers, journalists, Germans and gingers in January PR stunt

By on Friday, January 4, 2013

In a bid to ‘spread the love’ this January, alcohol retailer Oddbins is offering mums, bankers, journalists, Germans and ginger-haired people 10% off full-price bottles of wine, starting this weekend. It’s a fun, politically-incorrect stunt that has the media talking this morning. You may remember, Oddbins also had a pop at LOCOG throughout the Olympics with this stunt.

Here’s what Oddbins had to say on its blog:

The first weekend will put Mums in the spotlight, followed by the journalists and bankers in the second, the much maligned Germans in the third and, bringing up the rear for that final weekend in January, those flame-haired marvels: the gingers.

The retailer has attempted to get political in its bid to justify each group – when in reality, we all know they thought of the ‘selected groups’ first and worked backwards from them to arrive at their justification for each.

Read this write-up on the Telegraph if you’d like to read these tenuous (but fun) explanations.

Oddbins also mentions that anyone who is eligible for every one of the discounts is in line for a ‘mystery bonus’.

Thanks to Deloitte’s Laura Parsons, Journalista’s Lorna Gott and Jo Nussbaum for tweeting me with it!

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