From Brick Lane to #8bitlane

By on Monday, January 14, 2013

To bring the new Disney film ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ to life, Disney transformed the infamous East London street Brick Lane, into 8 Bit Lane.

Ayden Hynes created various props for the stunt, such as a taxi, CCTV camera, a leaking water pipe, plants, trees, and even an 8-bit dog!

Those who visited the area where able to use augmented reality app Blippar against the playable come to life building, where you could play fix it felix.

Online website has been set up to get people to find hidden items around the lane using a google street map style navigation – you can also watch the trailer and share the site through social media plug-ins.

It seems to have gone down pretty well, as people do actually seem to be tweeting photos and stuff about it under their own steam, using the hashtag #8bitlane – a great stunt for a Blu-Ray release!

The making of:

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