WI Pole Dancing

By on Friday, January 11, 2013

Here’s a classic example of unexpected news which must have had some editors spluttering into their cornflakes. That renowned bastion of conservative values, the WI has taken up pole dancing!

And to get the story into the newspapers they provided plenty of fun images to scores of media outlets. The key lesson from this news story is if you do want to gain coverage for your company or clients then think of a really effective contrast.


Here’s a write up from the Daily Mail:

Singing Jerusalem and eating Victoria sponge have been shoved aside at one Women’s Institute branch after they decided to diversify its activities – and plumped for pole dancing lessons.

Daring moves are being taught to members based in Little Stanion, Northamptonshire, as they want to revamp aspects of the conservative organisation.

The newly formed group held its first meeting on Tuesday, where they were treated to a kinky display of pole dancing from instructor Sinnead O’Donnell.
Source: SWNS

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