The Sony Cinema Xperia-nce.

By on Monday, December 17, 2012

The Sony Cinema Xperia-nce

During the opening weekend of a James Bond movie Skyfall in Sweden, Sony distributed free sodas by the theater’s entrance. Then, right before the movie began, they made the call. And the drinks in the lucky winners’ hands started to ring, allowing them to discover the Sony’s waterproof Acro S phone in their cups.

Cinema advertising is something that many brands tend to miss out on, or overlook due to the market being minute and not having enough reach… but that’s it!

That’s the thing that makes it a great channel of communication. I think the media allows you to be pretty creative, very direct and, most of all, to generate a great amount of talkability, at least in the city where the action takes place, and possibly also online if you do a good job seeding the case study video.

Can all cinema advertising/stunts work, does it depend on the type of audience watching the film, or does it depend on the amount of PR it receives?

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