Beano makes a (street) name for itself in Dundee

By on Monday, December 17, 2012

Just days after the Dandy’s demise, the UK’s longest running comic publisher, D.C Thomson has found something to smile about.

The publishing house has won approval from Dundee City Council to rename one of its streets Bash Street – after the terrible troop of school kids made famous in the Beano – to mark the magazine’s 75th anniversary next year.

The road, which leads into Scotland’s west end, will also have a Beano themed play centre featuring characters such as Plug and Minnie the Minx.

This is a great PR stunt for the Beano, but it won’t turnaround the publisher’s fortunes. They must be worried as they know that reaching a milestone of 75 years doesn’t mean this magazine is safe – the same anniversary the Dandy celebrated this month as it went online-only.

With national and regional press suffering in sales and few children finding the Beano’s slapstick humour funny, I fear this comic’s days are numbered – and that’s no joke.

Team: DCThomson Publishing

Source: The Sun Newspaper

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