Slipping and sliding: the perils of a Windows 8 stunt

By on Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Last month Microsoft unveiled the latest version of it’s flagship software, the Windows operating system.

Windows 8 is arguably a make-or-break product for the company. The huge number of tablets and mobile devices hitting the market has led an increase in the number of consumers using non-Windows operating systems (Apple’s iOS, Android), and decrease in the number of consumers buying traditional Windows desktops and laptops. Windows 8 is designed to bridge the traditional and mobile computing worlds, with two completely different user interfaces.

So being make-or-break, Microsoft is throwing a good chunk of cash into marketing the Windows 8 – which this week extended to a public stunt at the Bluewater Shopping Centre. To get across the ‘fast’ and ‘fun’ (yep, fun) elements of Windows 8, the team created a slide over the top of a long staircase. The idea is to get Bluewater customers to experience speed going down the slide (fast), which they enjoy (fun). Check out the video below.
Sounds simple, but it hasn’t had a great reaction on YouTube. At present it’s more or less equal on likes vs dislikes, but the comments string pulls no punches. A selection includes “This showed me nothing about Windows 8, why should i update ? do i get a slide if i do ?!” and “Dont look fast or fun…”

Of course not every comment is this negative, but Microsoft might end up calling this one a draw.

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