Susan Boyle has an album party

By on Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Is it just the cynic in me, or has today’s trending hashtag on Twitter been released by a very shrewd PR/marketing team? I could be completely wrong and the hashtag may have come about organically on the social media site, but today the talk has been all about #susanalbumparty.

Now before you jump to conclusions, this is all about Susan Boyle’s brand new album, which apparently she is celebrating with a party. I certainly didn’t know that the Britain’s Got Talent star was releasing a new album (Standing Ovation, released on 19 November, if you’re interested) until I saw the risqué hashtag doing the rounds on Twitter.

I love all the Tweets and re-Tweets that are popping up and the news teams seem to be catching on to them with Radio 1 publishing the hashtag to its 871,104 followers.

With Twitter apparently shaping a number of news agendas it will be interesting to see how much coverage this hashtag generates, but whether an agency did start this or someone with a good deal of wit did, the news that Susan Boyle has a new album has certainly reached a wide and diverse audience. And that part at least should certainly be commended.

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