Roundup of Halo 4 PR stunts – taking over a country, flying a 3 ton glyph over London and… a pizza

By on Thursday, November 8, 2012

To celebrate the launch of Halo 4, Microsoft seems to have gone on an all-out PR offensive. Here is a round-up of the PR efforts so far, including videos.

PR example one: Flying Glyph over London

A 50ft diameter illuminated Halo ‘Glyph’ logo was flown over London on Fireworks Night (5th November) to celebrate the launch of video game Halo 4.

The 3.2 ton glyph was suspended from a helicoper.

According to The Telegraph, more than 500 people turned up to watch the Glyph fly over the Thames in a light show visible for miles across the city.

Chris Lewis, Vice President of Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft EMEA said, “The Glyph flyover makes the seemingly impossible world of science fiction a reality, a 50 foot symbol of the Didact hovering in the skies of a major capital city, seems a fitting way to herald the next chapter of this phenomenal blockbuster franchise.”

Here’s a video:

PR example two: Halo Pizza Hut partnership

Pizza Hut Delivery teamed up with Microsoft for the second year running to create the Halo 4 Stuffed Crust Pizza.

The partnership offers customers the chance to win prizes including limited edition Halo 4 Xbox consoles, Halo 4 Xbox games, and Halo 4 headsets, from the microsite. Customers who purchase the Halo stuffed crust pizza receive a free Halo 4 avatar.

Amy Ashken, assistant brand manager at Pizza Hut Delivery, commented: “We have been overwhelmed with the response to our marketing partnership with Xbox and Halo 4. With so many of our customers enjoying a night in with pizza and their Xbox, this has been a perfect tie-up for Pizza Hut Delivery and we are delighted that it has generated such a positive reaction from customers.”

PR example three: Halo takes over a country

A real-life impression of Halo’s fictional world was created to mark the game’s launch, ‘taking over’ Liechtenstein to do so.

Landmarks in the 62-square mile Principality of Liechtenstein – including a 13th-century castle and a working mine – were commandeered on 31st October, with media and fans from around the world invited to participate in a theatrical experience.

Guests were taken to a secret location that became a war zone complete with ‘pyrotechnics, loud explosions and cinematic sets’.

The one-day makeover, which Xbox 360 worked with the government’s tourist board to achieve, included a reimagination of Gutenberg Castle as a futuristic military fortification where guests could try out the game. A working quarry became an arena where the Master Chief – hero of the Halo series – made an appearance.

Source for Liechtenstien story: Telegraph

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