BUYRAL – The secret to making your video go viral!

By on Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bit of an odd one this, as it’s a spoof video stunt to promote an agency – but it’s so good that it needs sharing. In a bid to lampoon the various pay-per-like/view/fan/follow services that are spreading throughout social media, John St. agency have created BUYRAL – Professional Clicking

Apart from being very clever, funny and well-produced, there’s also an interesting new business mechanism at play here. Head to the supporting campaign BUYRAL website and you’re confronted with more information and the ability to purchase the number of views they want through a traditional online shopping cart. Anyone naive enough to try and purchase will find an email triggered to the agency…no doubt followed up with a response that they should really be talking to them about investing in a more worthwhile campaign.

A really clever idea that highlights an important message and which already looks like going viral – so art imitating itself then!

From the same agency that brought you the excellent Catvertising last year.

Agency: John St.

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