Old Spice release brilliantly retro flash game ‘4 1/2 Weeks to the End of the World’

By on Friday, November 23, 2012

The Mayan end of the world prophecy (apparently the 21st of December this year, which by the way, due to the how to work at home

arget=”_blank”>change in calendars since the alleged prophecy would have ALREADY HAPPENED, YOU GULLIBLE LOT), provides the central theme in a great bit of content released by Old Spice, in the form of a retro flash game.

4 1/2 Weeks to the End of the World is a new game from Old Spice and developer Adam Saltsman.

There’s only one level available to play at the minute – a well-scripted poke at America (and the world’s) infatuation with a certain South Korean dance song, that is preventing them from voting in the Presidential election. There’s even a big boss and everything.

Along the way, the game’s hero and real-life retired basketballer Dikembe Mutombo will receive missions from his commander, Science the Bear, who has great taste in jumpers.

Play the game here.

Source: Matt Muir, who finds stuff like this all the time. Well worth a follow.

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