Mass exorcism of cinemas ordered after pesky evil spirits cause blackouts (and media interest)

By on Thursday, November 1, 2012

According to Digital Spy and the Metro, a producer has held a mass exorcism at a London cinema, claiming his film was being haunted by evil spirits. That could only be cleansed by a mass PR stunt, obviously.

Two showings of horror film When the Lights Went Out at the Soho Screening Rooms were hit by blackouts, with filmmaker Bill Bungay reaching the logical conclusion that it was the effects of a demonic possession.

100 religious friends were somehow (financially) encouraged to get involved, as Bungay felt that exorcism was necessary. He’s quoted as saying that the blackouts can’t possibly have been a ‘coincidence’ – I can tell you that they weren’t – and says it has caused ‘much concern’ for the production.

Cinema projectionist Paul Speed ridiculously guessed that the incidents were likely more technical than paranormal.

“In Soho, we get outages when there is a big demand for power for heating when the temperature drops,” he said. He needs to stop guessing, is my professional advice.

Source: Digital Spy and Metro

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