Nescafe uses Facebook cover photo to reveal new jars

By on Thursday, November 1, 2012

How do you make something seemingly quite mundane – like the launch of a new shaped coffee jar – into something that engages your existing Facebook audience and encourages new fans? You make innovative use of the timeline cover photo, as Nescafe Greece have done, in the form of an old-school countdown reveal.

The latest in a current trend of using Facebook timeline cover photos to create impact (we’ve already seen ‘living’ cover photos which refresh from webcams every 30 secs), Nescafe initially used an image of 30kg of coffee beans in a glass tank. But as each new fan liked the brand, one bean per fan was removed, until eventually the new coffee jar was revealed.

There’s little to explain the mechanic of how people were encouraged to like the page – and you have to ask yourself, would you bother just to see what a new jar might look like?! More info in the video below, but it does little to shed any further light….so one probably needs to take the claim of a removal of a bean for each new like with a pinch of salt. Either way, it’s a neat little idea for a stunt and food for thought for just how else we might see Facebook cover photos starting to be used.

Source: AdsOfTheWorld

Agency: OgilvyOne


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