Swipe, and something a little bit good will happen

By on Monday, October 8, 2012

When Kiwi loyalty programme Fly Buys created the new tagline “Every time you swipe, something a little bit good happens”, they wanted to promote it with a strategy that would bring the brand to life.

The trick was creating this experience outside the shopping environment, where most people experience.

Fly Buys is a no cost, little effort scheme where members get something – points that add up and allow them to choose whatever they want from our huge range of rewards. So the new brand campaign wanted to live up to that.

So the company launched three experiential sites inviting punters to swipe their Fly Buys card for something a little bit good to happen.

So they launched adshels and billboards designed like a giant gumball machine, dispensing gob stoppers at the swipe of a card, or blowing out bubbles at the swipe of a card.

People been lining up to have a go. There’s been lots of laughs and smiles and even business men in suits acting like little kids when they get their gumball.

The gimmick has been tweeted, facebooked and instagrammed, and shared worldwide. People have been amazed at getting something for free, with no strings attached – they just swipe and something a little bit good happens.

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