Lidl Launch £3.99 ‘Designer’ Aftershave…

By on Wednesday, October 3, 2012

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35″ />Surely, surely this is a PR stunt.

Discount supermarket and purveyor of cheap sausage and rather good cherry brandy, Lidl, have seemingly entered the UK male fragrance market with a rather keenly priced bottle of splash.

The perfume costs £3.99 for 50ml- not bad – and is named something in between a middle aged italian and a Jamaican Olympian, G.Bellini X-Bolt.

A blind smell was conducted with men and women on behalf of Lidl by the PR company Wall to Wall, at No. 5 Cavendish Square, Mayfair on 1st of June.

According to Lidl:

“G.Bellini X-Bolt beat leading designer brands up to ten times the price in a blind test by 108 people. Consumers preferred Lidl’s fragrance in the blind test, choosing it over Dior Homme, Hugo Boss Bottled, David Beckham Homme, and D&G The One as the perfume they would most want to buy.

“In the test, Lidl’s own label fragrance scored an average of 6.2 out of ten. Beckham scored 4.8, Dior 5, and D&G and Boss scored 5.6. Male participants described the fragrance as “expensive smelling”, while female participants lauded the “fresh masculine fragrance”.

Whether a stunt or not, the fact that they have released a male fragrance has resulted a lot of online coverage.

I can’t wait to see G.Bellini X-Bolt in the toilets of nightclubs and bars across the nation. Genius.

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