Wonderbra launches new raunchy smartphone app

By on Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Well well well, who remembers this campaign from just a few months ago?

Apparently the undressing fever has caught on; now embraced by leading underwear brand, Wonderbra.

By downloading the smartphone app, people (and by people I mean men and hormonal teen boys whose parents have put locks on their computers) will be able to strip the model down to her underwear.

From this…

To this…

Martina Alexander, Marketing Manager for Wonderbra UK has said that ‘Wonderbra offers a bra for all occasions and we want to highlight this in a fun and original way. Our new App for fashion-conscious girls, reveals the recommended Wonderbra for different looks to help her enhance any outfit.’

Despite the intended female audience, I can’t help but wonder whether this will be the actual case. I’d love to see the gender statistics for downloads of this app after a month or so.

In this 21st century world, sex sells. Unfortunately, I don’t think that Wonderbra are selling it to the right audience. Just like the Stüssy campaign, I’m seeing nothing more than a cheap gimmick rather than an actual worthwhile sales tactic.

You can watch the video here:

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