Coke Zero stunt makes train commuters James Bond for a minute

By on Saturday, October 20, 2012

Whether you love or loath the reinvention of Daniel Craig’s grittier James Bond, Coke Zero’s PR stunt to promote the new Skyfall film has to be applauded – or at least hummed at.

Unsuspecting train ‘commuters’ (although they all seem suspiciously clean and shiny, you know…like actors) in Belgium’s Antwerp Central train station were offered the chance to win tickets to an exclusive Skyfall screening when buying Coke from a vending machine. They’re told they have 70 seconds to collect tickets from a platform across the station. “Sounds easy?” asks the video below, but of course there’s always something more going on in Bond’s world of beautiful, loose moraled women and cliche villains.

What follows is a series of unlikely interruptions to the Bond fan’s sprint across the station. These range from joggers blocking a moving stairway to a woman walking a big group of dogs – plus the classic two-men-with-a-pane-of-glass scenario (fans of Wayne’s World will know this well). The final requirement of each would-be Bond is to hum 007’s theme tune, at which point they’re joined by a chorus of onlookers.

Although this looks like a staged, rather than genuine stunt, it’s a fun watch.

Source: Gizmodo

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