Does Your Facebook Profile Cut The Mustard?

By on Wednesday, September 19, 2012

With so many Facebook brand pages scrabbling around for as many ‘likes’ as they can get, it’s refreshing to see one that could well be the first to actually turn fans away!

Grey Poupon, the high-end mustard brand, launched a new Facebook campaign last week and is already picking up some very significant traction. Under the premise that only people with a certain degree of class and style can be fans of their page, they screen potential members to ‘The Society of Good Taste’ through a very well produced app.

The app scans your Facebook page to learn more about your interests, friends and writing style and from this, it automatically assigns you a score which determines whether your tastes are refined enough to be a Grey Poupon fan. But there’s catch – apply for membership and fail the test, then you will automatically be deleted as a fan of the page!

Get accepted though and you not only have a sense of pride from passing the test, but there’s also the offer of claiming free gifts that change each week – after an obligatory spot of data capture for Grey Poupon of course.  As someone who has passed the test *smug face* I can tell you that it’s a rather natty Tote bag on offer at the moment…

Yes it’s elitist, but that of course is the whole point. It’s a clever idea that offers a different approach to Facebook for brands – and something which will of course generate a good degree of word of mouth.

Source: Adverblog

Agency: Crispin Porter Bogusky

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