The Hatwalk project

By on Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It’s refreshing to see despite Olympic fever that PR stunts still have a chance of securing big pieces of coverage as demonstrated by the rather large piece of coverage for The Hatwalk project in the Metro today.

Commissioned by Boris Johnson, as part of ‘Surprises’ a series of pop-up performances across the city this summer, the Hatwalk project sees headpieces adorned by famous statues across the capital.

Created by Lock & Co., the city’s oldest hatters and makers of Nelson’s original bicorn hat.


Taking over iconic statues for a brand is something that regularly gets thrown around as an idea within a PR brainstorm, although usually the amount of red tape to get this idea executed means it doesn’t normally happen unless of course the client is happy with guerilla marketing. This campaign most likely had council approval – but it’s till a fun and fantastic PR campaign.

Source: Metro

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