Lynx’s ballsy campaign reminds us “no one likes dirty balls”

By on Friday, June 8, 2012

Lynx have launched a ‘ballsy’ new campaign in Australia encouraging men to clean their balls, because nobody has fun playing with dirty equipment.

The mock infomercial, developed by digital agency Soap, stars Australian tennis star turned TV star Sophie Monk who miraculously keeps a straight face through numerous double entendres about dirty balls as she demonstrates for the studio audience just how effective Lynx gel is on balls of all sizes and shapes.

The eagle eyed out there will notice that the ad is a direct copy of Soap’s work with Axe in the US from 2010, which featured Jamie Presley of My Name is Earl fame. Compare them for yourself here:

While the campaign, designed to promote Lynx’s ‘Cool Metal’ product and special ball scrubber was launched with a special issue of Zoo magazine, featuring Sophie Monk on the cover which manages to somehow fit in even more ball innuendos.

The campaign is bound to raise a few eyebrows and is already racking up mentions, likes and views on social media channels.

Nice work Lynx!

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