What won’t you put in your vagina?

By on Monday, May 21, 2012

This gem from Sir Richard’s, a US condom company, sees some fairly liberal dialogue as the manufacturer asked everyday women what they won’t put in their vagina.

The sort of things banished from the participant’s nether-regions were investment bankers, magicians and pastry chefs (god knows why) with the overall aim being to highlight that Sir Richard’s condoms have no chemicals in their products (i.e. the likes of the lesser-known chemicals often found in condoms and lubricant such as spermicide, parabens, and glycerin). Not that the interviewees said anything about that.

All in all it seems to have resulted in a great viral campaign:

Ad agency TDA Boulder also put up posters in various cities, reading ‘I Won’t Put Chemicals or ___ in My Vagina’ and you can also get engaged on social media, with #VaginaRule, to win a year’s worth of Sir Richard’s Condoms.

Obviously this is more advertising orientated but with the boundaries often blurred these days and the bread and butter of good PR hinging on dialogue, I think this is a brilliant PR example as well.

Sir Richard’s condoms are made with 100% natural latex, without casein (making them vegan-friendly), and with lubricant free of spermicide, glycerin and parabens. Nice.

Source: The Drum


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