UBS produce Braille ad and story

By on Tuesday, May 8, 2012

SWISS financial services company, UBS, have launched a Braille advert this week, taking an alternative approach to a printed advert.

The double-page spread was launched in March 31st – April 6th edition of The Economist magazine.  The piece asks: ‘What lessons can a financial institution draw from a chance encounter in 18th century Paris?’

Printed in both text and Braille, the advert reads:

Valentin Hauy watched in dismay as unfortunate residents of a home for the blind, were subjected to public humiliation.  

Rather than shut his eyes, he was inspired to found what became the National Institute for Blind Youth.  The very school at which Louis Braille was to develop his eponymous reading system.  

To succeed, Braille requires Hauy’s persistence and commitment.   

At UBS, our client advisors fulfil a similar role.

Using their knowledge and dedication to help you achieve your vision.

Until then…

The advert is part of the UBS’s ongoing ‘we will not rest’ campaign, and was produced by Publicis London.

UBS’s Global Head of Advertising, Nadine Genet, was delighted at the advert, adding: “[The] ‘we will not rest’ [campaign] encapsulates an attitude shared at UBS: an unwavering commitment to understand and deliver what our clients want and highlights our uncompromising attention to detail and dedication to delivering the services that best meet our clients’ needs.”

A pretty nifty idea I think.  Although I have seen no press coverage for the move, it is a clever approach to an otherwise mundane advert that could have been produced had the organisation not thought ‘outside the box’.

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