Shell tells fans ‘everything’?

By on Wednesday, May 2, 2012

THE launch of Facebook timeline at the end of 2011 caused some controversy among users of the social network site; despite everything being available anyway, the idea is that it was suddenly pulled into a chronological, highly visible timeline seemed to send people into blind panic.

However for the social media PR folk at Shell UK, the global oil and gas company, they capitalised on the opportunity and went one further than just detailing the company’s social media history — instead they told the whole story of Shell!

The timeline goes back to 1833 and is a great journey through the organisations time.  I’m a huge advocate for quality social media PR and this is a great effort from Shell for something that many, sadly, will not sit and read, although it does have a fair few likes dispersed throughout the years.

The work was endorsed by Shell’s senior management, and the company admits it is driven by a desire to “engage with the public in a  way that reflects the realities of the world today”.

Take a look:

I think many organisations could learn something for their social media…


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