ITV Euro 2012 videos

By on Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WITH just over three-weeks until the kick-off of Euro 2012, ITV have launched a series of simple, but extremely effective adverts to promote the hotly anticipated tournament.

As newly appointment England manager, Roy Hodgson, announces his team today, ITV asks viewers if they ‘Remember this?’ with clips from previous tournaments where the outcome has been, shall we say, more favourable for England. 

There is England vs Sweden, watch here.

Gareth Southgate steps up to take the sixth penalty for England in ’96, watch here.

And of course, that rain-soaked night that spawned the infamous headline: ‘Wally with a brolly’, watch here.

The adverts are to promote ITV Sport‘s new Euro 2012 website, but to continue the engagement with users, fans are asked to visit the facebook page and share which historic moments they would rewrite.  The videos have received over 40,000 views on YouTube, as well as their own inbuilt video viewer, and the facebook page has more than 23,000 hits to date.

A fantastic simple and effective bit of video editing, and it certainly looks very strange to see the events how my brain doesn’t remember them.  Maybe this year will be our year, well, as ITV has shown, we can dream…


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