Nike go interactive

By on Tuesday, May 8, 2012

INTERACTING with consumers is a PR and marketing dream, and with the web and social media making it easier than ever, it is always refreshing to see brands try something different.

Step forward Nike.

Whilst they aren’t the first, nor last, to come up with an interactive set up, I think the fluidity and engagement offered brings a far greater experience for the end user than just pumping through an advert.  Certainly I spent a lot longer watching the video than I would have had it just been a standard piece.

In a society that is moving towards increased web connectivity, I think it is a fantastic opportunity for future advertisers to expose.  We have all seen the ‘press red button’ pop-ups during ad breaks, however for web-enabled TVs could this be the next phase?

Another superb interactive example is this time for change video.

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